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Charge your phone

In Style

Wireless Charging on-the-go

Smart Pocket for the win!


Charge your phone in style with our fully customizable, patent-pending Smart Bags.


These unique bags charge your phone, are fully washable, and completely customizable.

Keep It Clean

Evolution Smart Bags are completely washable. Machine wash or spray with sanitizer β€” either way, these bags can handle it.

Automatic Wireless Charging

The designated charging pocket will keep your phone charged all day. Just place your phone in the pocket and Evolution Smart Bag will begin charging your phone automatically. No wires to connect, no buttons to push.

Interchangeable and Customizable

Each element of the Evolution Smart Bag product line is interchangeable. You can change the flap, straps, inner bags, and outer shells any time you want. Create unlimited styles without buying a closet-full of bags!

Fully Washable

We know how messy life can be. That's why we made each component of the Evolution Smart Bag easy to clean. The inner bag and soft EVA outer shell are machine washable for easy-peasy cleaning.

A Bag Like No Other

The Power of Modular

Our modular Smart Bag is perfect for those who like to change their look without having a closet full of handbags. Our vegan bags are eco-friendly and will last years thanks to the ability to easily replace pieces that wear out over time.
"I have so much fun mixing the different pieces together - I can go classy for work, bold for a date, or quirky for brunch. I always get compliments on it." - Stina

Instagram Feed

I’m so excited about this new bag from @evolutionsmartbag. Besides being a versatile and fashionable bag, it also has a wireless charger inside so you can charge your phone. How cool is that 😍?!

Adriana Brito

I had so much fun picking out the colors inside and out and even the strap! I also got the charges the whole dang bag! Holy moly technology!


My awesome and convenient new bag from @evolutionsmartbag is cute and fashionable, it also charges my phone! 😱 yes that’s right, no more dead battery over here!

Stherfane Sexton

This bag is even more beautiful in person! I absolutely love all the features and that I can buy one piece at a time. Getting one for my sister for Christmas.

Jenna M.

This is so functional and cute. I'm really loving it. I get a lot of compliments on it. I wish it were a bit bigger to fit a tablet, but it fits my phone and other essentials just fine.

Hannah G.

I need to keep my phone charged all the time for medical reasons. This purse is literally life saving. My anxiety over leaving the house without a charging cable and/or planning ways to charge my phone is gone. This purse is a godsend.


I recently discovered @evolutionsmartbag and it's been such a game changer. Vegan bags charge your phone wirelessly and come apart so you can mix and match styles. So cool!


Washable!! I have a toddler and the world is just gross. Washable and charges my phone - yep, this must have been made by a mom! LOVE IT.