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Evolution Smart Bag

Smart Bags For Smart Women

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Evolve With Wireless

Evolution Clutch

Sustainable Style

Evolution Cork

A Bag Like No Other

Our modular Smart Bag is perfect for those who like to change their look without having a closet full of handbags. Our vegan bags are eco-friendly and will last years thanks to the ability to easily replace pieces that wear out over time.
"I have so much fun mixing the different pieces together - I can go classy for work, bold for a date, or quirky for brunch. I always get compliments on it." - Stina

I had so much fun picking out the colors inside and out and even the strap! I also got the charges the whole dang bag! Holy moly technology!


I need to keep my phone charged all the time for medical reasons. This purse is literally life saving. My anxiety over leaving the house without a charging cable and/or planning ways to charge my phone is gone. This purse is a godsend.


My awesome and convenient new bag from @evolutionsmartbag is cute and fashionable, it also charges my phone! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ yes thatโ€™s right, no more dead battery over here!

Stherfane Sexton

This bag is even more beautiful in person! I absolutely love all the features and that I can buy one piece at a time. Getting one for my sister for Christmas.

Jenna M.

This is so functional and cute. I'm really loving it. I get a lot of compliments on it. I wish it were a bit bigger to fit a tablet, but it fits my phone and other essentials just fine.

Hannah G.

I recently discovered @evolutionsmartbag and it's been such a game changer. Vegan bags charge your phone wirelessly and come apart so you can mix and match styles. So cool!


Iโ€™m so excited about this new bag from @evolutionsmartbag. Besides being a versatile and fashionable bag, it also has a wireless charger inside so you can charge your phone. How cool is that ๐Ÿ˜?!

Adriana Brito

Washable!! I have a toddler and the world is just gross. Washable and charges my phone - yep, this must have been made by a mom! LOVE IT.