Unmatched Versatility

Each element of the Evolution Smart Bag is interchangeable. You can change the color of the outer shell, the style of the flap, and the setup of each inner bag as often as you'd like. The straps are removable and adjustable, and have the option to convert to a backpack-style carry. Best of all, each piece is fully washable and easy to change.

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Stay As Charged As Your Lifestyle

Automatic charging the moment your qi-enabled phone is placed in the designated pocket. Wired charging for phones and devices without wireless charging. Full functionality without compromise.


Made for real life

Wireless Charging

We use wireless charging technology in our washable, and customizable, bags so you can ditch the cables that tie you down and charge on-the-go without thinking about it.  Every time you place your phone in the designated pocket it will begin to charge automatically. No wires to connect, no buttons to push.

Unlimited Imagination

Modular Design

Our bags use interchangeable elements that come together to create the perfect bag for you. 

Each bag has an outer shell made from durable EVA, a machine washable inner bag with perfect internal storage, stylish flaps that add personality to your everyday bag, and an adjustable (and removable) strap that suits your needs for all occasions. 

Each piece can be replaced, changed, and purchased separately - allowing you to use this bag for a lifetime.

The wireless charging is also modular, so you can remove the battery as needed and use with future smart bag releases.

Evolution Smart Clutch

by Evolution Smart Bag

$99.00 USD $109.00 USD

The perfect bag for your essentials. The Evolution Charging Clutch will hold your phone, power unit, a slim wallet, and your keys. Giving you a stress-free night out with full power and full style.

Each clutch comes with a durable, waterproof, and washable EVA shell, a washable inner bag, a wristlet strap, a crossbody strap, the wireless power unit, and charging base. 

This item will ship in March.

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About Our Products

Our handbags are made with ethical manufacturing procedures, including fair wages and safe working conditions. We strive to limit our carbon footprint to help preserve the environment. We use vegan materials that are low-waste. Our EVA compound is extremely durable, long-lasting, and recyclable. When possible, we also use post-consumer content for our inner bags and flaps.

Long-lasting design

EVA is not only extremely durable but it will hold up for decades. Our modular design also lets you switch styles as desired so you never have to buy a complete bag again, this reduces waste and encourages us to use our products for longer.

Reusability and recyclability

We have a take-back program so all recycled EVA shells can be repurposed. Our favorite reuse of EVA is making squishy-soft playground mats.


With ethical and environmentally sound materials now readily available, Evolution has made the commitment to only produce vegan products. You can feel confident that any product you purchase from us will not contain animal products.


Here's what's being said about our bags.

I can't wait to get my bag! My phone dies everyday before I get back home. Game changer.

Sarah, USA

This is so cool, I haven't seen a bag like it before. I can't wait to get it

Anna, Italy

Two words: wireless charging.

I'm in love!

Kate, UK

I love the versatility of this bag. It can be changed easily and washed. I like the backpack straps for traveling.

Denise, Belgium

Backed the campaign as a surprise gift for my girlfriend. She's been wanting one since she first saw it. I hope it ships early!


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