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Evolve From The Everyday

Explore the convenience of wireless


Wireless charging technology nestled inside a luxury bag. Every element of the Evolution Smart Bag product line is designed with your convenience and the environment in mind, all while pairing stylish designs with modern technology. No more switching bags for different occasions as every design detail is interchangeable so you always have the style you need.
Evolution Smart Bag tote bag and clutch bag
The outer shells, inner bags, flaps, and straps are all fully interchangeable offering you hundreds of combinations to choose from so you can go from the office to the dance floor without ever having to change your bag. Each product line offers it's own unique style with full ability to be customized by you.
Evolution Smart Bag Signature bag with different flap options
No Wires, No Buttons
Evolution Smart Bags have wireless charging technology built-in so that you can ditch the cables that tie you down and charge on-the-go anytime you need! No more tangled wires, broken charger cables, or lost cords. Simply place your cell phone in the designated pocket and it will charge automatically. 

 All Evolution Smart Bags come with beautiful bamboo, wireless charging bases so you can recharge the power unit within your bag without ever having to take it out! Simply place your bag on the charging base and it will automatically charge the battery within the bag. No need to remove the battery unless you are washing the bag! Convenience made easy with our wireless technology!

Evolution Smart Bag clutch bag on the wireless bamboo charging base



The high fashion, interchangeable design, allows you to customize each bag to suit your personal taste and style. Hundreds of combinations for you to express your true self in style! 

Each element can be replaced, changed, and purchased separately - allowing you to customize your bag to your needs and/or style. Say good-bye to the tons of bags in your closet as the Evolution Smart Bag, with its modular design, allows you to change only the piece you want instead of having to buy a whole new bag!





Angela M. is the founder and visionary behind Evolution Smart Bag. Angela is a Mohawk descendant and indigenous rights advocate. She lives in California with her husband and two small children. Each bag is lovingly prepared, with many items personally made in-house, and shipped out to you by the founder. Each purchase supports the relentless pursuit to creating an equal America for women and Native Americans.