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Design Your Own

Evolution Smart Bag, Starting at $139

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Design Your Own Bag


The EVA outer shell of the bag is durable, washable, vegan, cruelty-free, and feels like soft rubber.

Flap Selection

All flaps are made from vegan materials and can be swapped out easily any time you want.


Choose both the color of the chain and the strap connectors which can be adjusted to wear your bag as either crossbody or in a standard shoulder carrying style.

Inner Bag

Made of soft canvas, the inner bags contain a contrasting color lining, internal key clip, elastic pockets, and are machine washable once the dedicated power unit is removed.

Fully Customize Your Smart Bag

Use our innovative online builder to create the modular, washable, and wireless charging handbag of your dreams!

Dozens of Possibilities

This is a truly custom purse. We let you pick out the colors of the outer shell, inner bag, shoulder strap chains, strap connectors, and the outer flap, giving you tons of possibilities. Get creative and create a unique bag using pieces that can be swapped out whenever you want!
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A Purse to Match Your Personality

Ever wanted a purse that went with every outfit? This bag is the perfect solution! With swappable parts, you can change up your bag every day to match your outfit, your personality, or your mood for the day.
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Start Designing Now

Use our custom builder to design the smart bag of your dreams. We also sell each piece of our custom purses individually, so you can always swap out pieces whenever you want. Additionally, be sure to check out some of our pre-designed bags, including favorites such as Black Noir and Pretty In Pink, for some inspiration. We’re always coming out with new materials and products for our swappable pieces, so be sure to check back on our site often, read our blog, follow us on social media, and sign up for our newsletters! Happy designing!