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Built to Last

The Evolution Smart Bag has many unique features — from being modular to including wireless charging, we can’t forget that this bag was also built to last.

Durable and Strong

The Evolution Smart Bag was designed to last for years to come. Each part of this modular purse is swappable and therefore made of different materials. However, all of the materials chosen were picked for their durability and strength. The Evolution Smart Bag is scratch-resistant, weather-proof, break-proof, spill and splash resistant, and machine washable. There’s not a lot that this smart purse can’t handle.
Design Your Own


The design of the Evolution Smart Bag was created with sustainability in mind. Every material we use and every step of the production process takes the environment into consideration. For one, you won’t find any animal byproducts in our purse — we only use vegan materials, including faux leathers and faux snakeskins.
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Each part of the Evolution Smart Bag can be replaced and swapped out whenever necessary. Ensure you have plenty of colors to choose from, or a backup of your favorite color in case something goes awry with your smart purse. Either way, the modular design of the Evolution Smart Bag was made with sustainability and customizing independence in mind!
Design Your Own
The Evolution Smart Bag was built to last, features a modular, swappable design, and includes a built-in wireless charger. It was designed using vegan, sustainable, and organic materials that support the environment and are strong and durable. Who knew one bag could pack such a big punch? Order your Evolution Smart Bag or design your own online today!
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