Signature Evolution Smart Bag

Our Signature Evolution Smart Bag has a durable outer shell made from high-quality EVA to withstand years of use and is available in 3 neutral colors to pair easily with our variety of flaps.

A machine-washable inner bag with excellent organizational storage gives you the perfect amount of room for all your products with 8 separate pockets!

The stylish outer flaps add a touch of your individual personality to your everyday bag, these make changing the look of your bag quick and easy.

The adjustable (and removable) strap will be able to suit your needs no matter the occasion. It is adjustable in length for a handbag, shoulder bag, and cross-body carry.

Every individual piece can be replaced, changed, and purchased separately - allowing you to customize your bag to your needs and style, allowing you to change only the piece you want instead of having to buy a whole new bag!